Impact Legacy Group offers promotions based on clear production guidelines.  Promotions are not based on politics they are based on performance. In our model, every agent and agency builder has a clear path to the top compensation offered in the market.

As you increase distribution in Life, Medicare and Annuity sales you are able to increase your compensation. This includes commissions and bonuses you are able to earn.  Our simplified issue life compensation package has a maximum commission payout of 145% with bonus opportunities built in at each level. Most importantly, agents’ commissions are fully vested from day one.

The Impact opportunity allows you to create a million dollar business using our million dollar business building model. This allows you to empower other people to experience the same building opportunity and financial freedom that you are participating in.

Impact Legacy Group is unlocking the full potential of the insurance industry, making six-figure incomes and beyond achievable. Our exclusive platform provides agents the confidence to launch a successful career. When you join us, you’re part of a nationwide family working together to make a positive difference in the lives of clients, families, and communities.

For over 30 years, we’ve been dedicated to helping people achieve financial security, receiving industry recognition for our honest and ethical approach. We’ll invest in your growth through our comprehensive training platform, including offering free resources from the Life Insurance Academy.



The aging U.S. population is set to reach 95 million people aged 65 and older by 2060 and is creating a growing demand for Medicare products. Health care is vital for seniors, and agents can build long-lasting relationships by helping seniors navigate the complexities of Medicare. Agents can create a stable income through cross-selling opportunities and the recurring revenue of policy renewals.

Final Expense

As funeral costs increase, more seniors will seek coverage to alleviate financial burdens on their families. With 30% of U.S. households lacking life insurance and 50% believing they need more coverage, there is significant market potential. The recession-resistant nature of the industry and the higher commission rates for Final Expense Life insurance products along with cross-selling opportunities make it an appealing market for agents seeking stability and increased earnings.

Impact Final Expense

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage protection life insurance gives your clients the peace of mind knowing that in the event of a tragedy, the mortgage will be taken care of, allowing their family to retain their cherished home. This coverage offers a reliable means to safeguard their most significant assets in the event of death and in some cases severe injuries, or chronic and critical illnesses. Certain term policies provide the added benefit of a full premium return if the policyholder outlives the term.

General Life

As an agent with Impact Legacy Group you have access to a wide range of products including the opportunity to serve high net worth client with fully underwritten life insurance products. Fully underwritten life insurance allows you to provide personalized protection for clients, including those with high net worth who require larger coverage amounts and specialized solutions. As an agent, you can build a reputation for handling complex cases, catering to the unique needs of affluent clients while still offering cost-effective policies. This expertise will not only set you apart in the industry but also give you the opportunity to make a tangible impact on the financial security of high net worth families. 

Retirement and Wealth Generation

Impact Legacy Retirement Group is a team of retirement advisors and client service specialists with expertise in asset protection, tax planning, and wealth management. We focus on educating, equipping and empowering our agents and strategic partners nationwide.


As the population continues to age and life expectancies continue to rise along with inflation, annuities are a valuable resource for agents to serve the senior market. Offering annuities to seniors allows agents to protect the assets they worked so hard to enjoy and provide them with a stable and dependable income during their retirement years.

Tax-free Retirement

Indexed universal life insurance (IUL) policies offer tax-free retirement income through strategic policy loans and withdrawals, making them an attractive financial planning tool. At Impact Legacy Group you will have the opportunity to serve your clients with indexed universal life policies and empower clients to grow their wealth tax-deferred and enjoy a more comfortable retirement. Offering IUL policies allow you to provide tailored solutions to clients seeking both life insurance coverage and retirement planning benefits.

Personal Banking

Impact Legacy Group agents also have the opportunity to offer participating whole life policies. A participating whole life policy can be utilized for debt repayment and personal banking through the policy’s cash value growth and dividends. As a policyholder pays premiums, the cash value accumulates and earns dividends from the insurance company’s profits. These dividends can be used to pay off debt or reinvested to increase the cash value further. Offering participating whole life policies, help clients achieve financial flexibility and stability by leveraging their policy’s cash value for various financial needs.

Simple. Empowering. Profitable.


Start your Journey with us. Make an IMPACT. Build a LEGACY.
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